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Made up of three world traveled, music industry famous pros, Anthony BAMBINO, Claudio GALINSKI and Paul RANIERI as AMERICANO bring together great music with finger snapping, foot stomping tunes that borrows energy from the sound of vintage rock ‘n’ roll. Listening to them you want to Jump, Jive, and Wail, and audiences can’t get enough.

Their music represents a time when American music was fun, captivating, romantic, and downright sexy.... All the ingredients for a great time listening and dancing and letting the music make you feel wonderful.

AMERICANO is modern swing rock… with vintage touches - a band playing timeless songs with a certain energy and fun sense of style that entertains diverse audiences and can play in every type of venue such as clubs, casinos, corporate parties, festivals, theaters, cruise lines, special events and more.

One things for sure........ When you hear Americano, your world is gonna Swing !!!


Upcoming / Recent Appearances

03/21/2017 -- Americano Band

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