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The Buzzards


From the Buzzards web site....

The Buzzards are a rockabilly band out of Long Island.

Besides inciting riotous mayhem and general debauchery (not to mention occasional nudity), the Buzzards have performed at every rockabilly hot spot, including the Rodeo Bar in Manhattan and the Blue Comet just outside of Philly.

They are the house band at the Bayou in Long Island and performed at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend four years in a row. They were rewarded with a standing ovation each year.  They have performed at the Indy Rockabilly Rebel Weekend, the Heavey Rebel Weekender in North Carolina, and Rock n Rods in Philly.  They performed for the Rockabilly Hall of Fame many times, most notably at the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s first sold out concert, in Memphis, TN. 

They are the band of choice to open for national acts and received outstanding praise for their performance with the great Scotty Moore. Scotty even came out to the diner with the Buzzards after the show.

The Buzzards’ CD, “The Grand Buffet,” is still available.

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Upcoming / Recent Appearances

11/15/2016 -- The Buzzards
08/13/2016 -- Roy Wilson’s Rockabilly Riot!
06/21/2016 -- Live Swing at the Lodge: The Buzzards
03/15/2016 -- St. Patrick’s Day Dance / Live Swing at the Lodge: The Buzzards
02/20/2016 -- Rockabilly @ The Moose - Buzzards, Gene Casey & Lone Shards, and Rhythm Bound

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