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BNL Social & Cultural Club (BNL)

The BNL Social & Cultural Club holds weekly dance socials (TGIFs) and workshops at the North Ballroom, Brookhaven Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory every Friday evening from 7 to 11:30 pm.

Unless otherwise noted, workshops and lessons are from 7:10 pm to 9:30 pm with a food break in-between, followed by open social dancing up to 11:30 pm at the Brookhaven Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York.

Cost per person: $15(members)/$20(non-members), or $8/$12 for social dancing only without the lessons; members rate applies also to all Bera members with BNL ID, SDLI members with ID, students with school ID, and all subscribers of the Social-L list and the Yahoo DanceLovers group. (Special events have different rates).

Dance socials are open to the general public, but require a photo-id at the BNL front gate.

Their most current schedule is: BNL Social & Cultural Club Calendar

They also maintain a mailing list. To join: BNL Social-L email list

Contacts (Click below to send e-mail):
Rudy Alforque, 631-344-4733, or , or
Jack Guthy, 631- 929-8287, or

Upcoming / Recent Events

10/26/2012 -- Blake Hobby at Brookhaven
03/25/2011 -- BNL Social and Cultural Club meets every Friday
03/18/2011 -- BNL Social Club meets every Friday
03/11/2011 -- BNL Social Club meets every Friday
03/04/2011 -- BNL Social Club meets every Friday
02/25/2011 -- BNL Social Club meets every Friday
02/18/2011 -- BNL Social Club meets every Friday
12/31/2010 -- BNL Social Club New Years Eve Party
04/03/2009 -- TGIF @ BROOKHAVEN - “Cha-cha” dance lessons by Annette Alicante‏
01/30/2009 -- TGIF @ BROOKHAVEN - American Waltz

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