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While you will not be able to go Swing Dancing every night of the week on the Island, you can go dancing every night if your expand your geographic and dance style horizon. There is a wealth of resources, if you know where to look. Below are a some of the non-profit social dance clubs, university clubs, instructors, dance studios, newsletters, websites and even individual event promoters, that contribute to the local Long Island dance scene. So go take a dance lesson, go to a Dance weekend or venture out to a different city.

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Lo-Fi Entertainment (Lo-Fi)

"Lo-Fi” Lee Sobel has been presenting swing dancing events at the most prestigious music venues in New York City since 1996. Prior to music promotion, Lee Sobel directed the feature film “Rockabilly Vampire,” released in 2001 by Troma Entertainment on DVD and soon to be released “Mother May I”. Time Out NY Magazine called him “New York’s king of all thing retro.”

Clubs at which Lo-Fi Lee has packed the dance floor: Webster Hall, China Club, The Supper Club, Windows on the World, The Roxy, Flamingo East, El Flamingo, Caché, True, Pageant, The Altman Building, and many more.


Upcoming / Recent Events

12/30/2007 -- New Year’s Eve “Eve” Swing Ball - Location Changed to Connolly’s

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