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NYC’s Exchange with Balboa, Blues AND LINDY HOP! Weekend of May 10-12th.
What is BABBLE?  Big Apple Balboa, Blues and Lindy Exchange is an EPIC weekend of over 20 hours of dancing to 5 Live Bands and Seasoned DJs. People from across the nation come to DANCE, exchange ideas, and experience the happening & historic NYC!


Come celebrate the NYSDS’s 28th Anniversary! - Sunday May 12. To celebrate, instead of a lesson at 7, “Meet Norma Miller” NYSDS will have a book signing by 94 year old original Lindy Hopper/Author “Queen of Swing” Norma Miller! Followed by amazing music from 8-12 “The Light will be ON” Ms Dawn Hampton as guest DJ, with the assistance of Heather Flock and Solomon Douglas Quintet will be the swinging band. It all takes place at St Jean Baptiste Church, lower level to the left 184 E 76 St at Lexington Ave. Many Original Lindy Hop stars visiting, including Dawn Hampton, Norma Miller, Sugar Sullivan, Sonny Allen, Barbara Billips, Charlie Meade, and others!

Organizer: New York Swing Dance Society (NYSDS)


Information: 212-NY-NYSDS

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