Thursday, Jun 27, 2013 • Midsummer Night Swing’s 25th Anniversary Season at Lincoln Center • Not a SDLI Event

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Tue, June 25
Wynton Marsalis
Dance Instructor: Adam Brozowski teaches Jazz and Lindy Hop with special guest Norma Miller.
DJ: Dawn Hampton
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra opens Midsummer Night Swing’s 25th anniversary with a celebration of their own 25th.

Jump Blues / Boogie-Woogie
Thu, June 27
Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88’s
Dance Instructor: Swinging with Simone teaches Lindy Hop
DJ: Meredith Ochs
Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88’s breathe fresh life into the music that gave birth to rock ’n’ roll.

Swing / Ballroom
Tue, July 2
Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks
Dance Instructor: Eva Carrozza teaches Ballroom and Swing
DJ: Heather Flock
Vince Giordano’s music evokes the height of ballroom perfection, combining jazz elegance and swingin’ style.

Big Band Swing
Thu, July 4
Battle of the Bands: The George Gee Swing Orchestra vs. Mora’s Modern Rhythmists
Dance Instructor: Jaime Shannon and Tony Fraser teach Collegiate Shag
DJ: Adam Lee
Who’s the heppest? Will it be New York favorite, George Gee, or will it be left coast darlings, Dean Mora and his Modern Rhythmists.

Jump Blues / Big Band Swing
Tue, July 9
Ray Gelato with the City Rhythm Orchestra
Dance Instructor: Paolo “Lindy” Lanna teaches Lindy Hop
DJ: Ryan Mascaro
Saxophonist, singer, and bandleader Ray Gelato has been instrumental in the swing revival in the UK.

Big Band Swing
Sat, July 13
Harlem Renaissance Orchestra: Tribute to Illinois Jaquet
featuring the 5th Annual Ambassador Prize Dance Contest
Dance Instructor: Margaret Batiuchok teaches Lindy Hop and Shim Sham
DJ: Ryan Swift
The traditional Midsummer Night Swing finale.

Organizer: This is not a Swing Dance Long Island Event (Not a SDLI Event)

The listed event is NOT sponsored by Swing Dance Long Island, Inc. This event was thought to be of interest to our SDLI’s members. Before traveling, always verify the event information directly with the organizer’s website, since things change and events do get canceled.

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